General Info

Circle K is an amazing award winning community service organization.  We have a very large impact on campus and in Midland, and are one of the largest clubs.

Our club is very unique. Although Circle K of Northwood is part of a worldwide organization and the entire Kiwanis Family. We have unique service opportunities and a unique take on fellowship. Circle K is the perfect place to find your circle of friends. Get involved, become a leader by Joining a Committee,  join our Big K’s little k’s program and get to know us by volunteering with us! Come to a meeting! We meet every Wednesday at 8PM in Dubois Lounge

For those interested, this website is the perfect place to begin your journey with Circle K: Click around and learn about our unique club.  At some point, we encourage you to become a member. You don’t need to be a member to volunteer or to hangout with us, and EVEN IF YOU HAVE A CLASS DURING OUR MEETING TIME, WE WOULD STILL LOVE FOR YOU TO COME VOLUNTEER WITH US OR COME TO OUR SOCIALS.  So before joining, certainly check out our calendar for upcoming service projects, socials, and meetings. We look forward to seeing you there, and feel free to bring a friend.  The more the merrier!